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We are offering the most diverse range of Iyengar yoga classes &

the most hours of Iyengar yoga classes in Singapore.

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Level 1

75 min

Explore and Experience the fundamental principles of Iyengar yoga. It is recommended that all students new to Iyengar yoga take Level 1 class for at least 1 year.

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Level 2

75 min

Deeper and expanded study of the introductory asanas. It is for students who have been practicing consistently Iyengar yoga for 1 year or longer.

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Level 3

90 min

Intermediate level of asanas with different focuses every week. It is more suitable for students who have been practicing Iyengar yoga for a minimum of 3 years.



75 min

Smooth and effective yoga practice for those who have scoliosis or require special attention or care on their injuries, chronic pain, or other individual needs on their body.

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Sunday Yoga & Yoga Floiw

75 min

Come for a 65-75 minutes yoga practice every Sunday and public holiday! $60 for 3 classes (valid for 30 days) and $25 for 1 (walk-in).  Register now!

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Postures & Spine

75 min

A combination of body posture correction and yoga asanas practice, which aims to relax, open, tone and stabilise the back as well as the spine. It is to address the neck and shoulder problems, lower back pain, or simply weak on the back.

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Back Care

75 min

A class to help people alleviate back aches, keep spine in good health, release the body stiffness, and strengthen the supporting muscles.

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75 min

Either you have attended Beginners class for some time, or you have practiced other styles of yoga but wish to know the Iyengar method, this class is all about correct alignment, precision, use of props, and etc.

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Yoga for Women

75 min

A class for women to help and support the physical and psychological wellbeing, to relax, to release pain, to improve flexibility, to gain strength, and to give courage to their life.

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60 min

If you are new to yoga, or willing to explore the Iyengar method, or just simply want to maintain a healthy life style, Foundation class is perfect for you.

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Rope & Chair

60 min

Yoga props can be great guiding or teaching tools to help us find more space of our body, more stability in asanas, and more peaceful in mind.

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Healthy Spine

60 min

For people who are looking to support back health, care and comfort, but are not in acute pain.

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Foundation Plus

60 min

An extension class of Foundation, Foundation Plus gives you the opportunity to practice further, and more dynamically. You will also learn how to control the rhythm of your movement in the range of foundation asanas.

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Iyengar Flow

60 min

With an emphasise of body alignment and safety, Iyengar Flow guides you to move from one asana into another. This continuous flow comes along with smooth breath and holding of certain asanas.



90 min

A class by a guest teacher, designed for those who have a good understanding of the basic yoga postures, and would like to refine their practice and improve their asanas.

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