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A Women’s Yoga Practice

Four mornings with Bobby Clennell

The 1st morning (25 Sep) offers a focused practice that can transform menopause into a positive and meaningful experience.


On the 2nd morning (26 Sep), Bobby will explore the challenges and rewards of the post–menopausal phase.


3rd morning (2 Oct) promotes lymphatic drainage, encourages ease and freedom in the chest, lungs, upper-back and shoulders, improves circulation and respiration, boosts breast health, tones breast tissue, and improves posture.


On the 4th morning, we will learn a practice that follows the ups and downs of hormonal fluctuations and draws us back to nature’s laws.

Registration is through IYCC SG WhatsApp +65 9721 4603.

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From Limitation to Liberation

An Iyengar yoga special class with Olop Arpipi

This series of intermediate-level classes requires an Iyengar yoga practice in the past 3 years, or a regular L2 class practice in the past 6 months.

Class reservation is through IYCC SG WhatsApp +65 9721 4603.

For those who have never joined Olop's classes before, you are highly recommended to join Friday evening session 1. This will be an L1&2 class of 90 min.


Iyengar Yoga Introductory Course

In IYCC SG, an Iyengar yoga introductory course is more than a practice for beginners. It is for you to understand the Iyengar yoga method, experience the Iyengar yoga class teaching, and explore the full picture of Iyengar yoga.

This special yoga course is for beginners, as well as those who are new to Iyengar yoga. You are here to see, to try and to expereince.

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Iyengar Yoga Introductory Course

In this unique Iyengar yoga course, you will learn the foundation of Iyengar yoga and the use of yoga props. This will help you achieve the maximum benefits in your yoga classes.

Experience the beauty of Iyengar yoga!

Fee: $160 (6 sessions)