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A Women’s Yoga Practice with Bobby Clennell


Each class (8 - 10 am) will be 90 minutes long, with an additional 30 minutes for discussion, study and questions. Questions can be sent through IYCC SG WhatsApp +65 9721 4603. Bobby will go through all the questions and reply in the class.


Saturday October 24 -

Following Hormonal Rhythms

Sunday October 25 - 

Pelvic stiffness, Excessive Menstrual Flow & Menstrual Cramps

Saturday October 31 - 

Migraine Headaches & Scanty flow

Sunday November 1 – 

Stress & Depression

Fees: $35 per session.

*IYCC SG member option: $40 per session (eligible for class fee rebate).


Iyengar Yoga Introductory Course

(by IYCC SG virtual classroom)

The same course is conducted through our virtual classroom too.


Experience the beauty of Iyengar yoga!

Fee: $160 (9 sessions)

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Iyengar Yoga Introductory Course

In this unique Iyengar yoga course, you will learn the foundation of Iyengar yoga and the use of yoga props. This will help you achieve the maximum benefits in your yoga classes.

Experience the beauty of Iyengar yoga!

Fee: $160 (6 sessions)


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