Since 2014, our certified teachers have been teaching various student groups from Nanyang Technological University.


In 2019, we set up a 6-year Iyengar yoga program, i.e. Iyengar Yoga Special Class at NTU, to share the knowledge of Iyengar yoga system, with the goals of promoting healthy lifestyle in the university campus, as well as offering solutions to those with scoliosis and those suffering from neck/shoulder/back pains.

An NTU special class at our Center will be set up soon for those who need yoga props.

Yoga practice can be beneficial to breast cancer survivors in improving their physical well-being, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


In 2019, we brought our classroom to BCF Singapore and opened our Center to BCF members. Classes such as Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga were offered free of charge to BCF members. 

In 2020, Beginners and Stretch & Relaxing were added to the list of classes, too.