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Opening of Iyengar Yoga Center of Central Singapore

Dear yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, and friends,

I am honored to announce that Iyengar Yoga Center of Central Singapore (IYCC SG) is opening from 1st January 2020.

With the blessing of the Iyengar’s family and the approval of RIMYI, IYCC SG is part of the worldwide Iyengar yoga family now, and will continue to provide the excellence and professionalism you have experienced in the past 4 years.


New teachers and more classes are coming to the Center. More information about the Center, its teachers, classes, and workshops/events can be found here, and our IG and FB.

An improved, customized and new class fee payment system has been implemented from 1st January 2020. Its new features include, subject to the terms and conditions, i) a new rebate scheme, ii) a new yearly rewards scheme, iii) no expired day of the prepaid class fees, iv) prepaid class fees are transferable.

Less worries, more practice!


Thank you for your kind and generous support over the years. Through this continued support and co-operation, we look forward to enhancing and strengthening the yoga practice in Singapore, for the locals as well as for the visitors. We will also focus on contributing more to the youth, senior, and people-in-need communities, to share the Iyengar yoga experience and benefits.


The Center is located at 25A Bukit Pasoh Road of Central Singapore, in Singapore’s famous heritage “Clan Street”. It opens almost every day (including some public holidays), from 830 am until 9 pm on weekdays (with an afternoon break) and to 3 pm on weekends. Details regarding the Center’s timetable can be found in this website.


You are welcome to visit our Center and join any of our classes!

Happy new year 2020!



Trisno Widiyanto

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