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Iyengar Yoga


Iyengar yoga is the world’s most widely practiced yoga style, which affected almost all the modern yoga styles nowadays in a direct or indirect way. Iyengar yoga emphasises details, precision, and alignment in the performance of yoga poses. There are many medical and scientific researches that show the effects of practicing Iyengar Yoga in relation to health benefits.

Health Benefits


Iyengar yoga has a whole range of health benefits. It is a powerful tool for stress relief and promotes physical and mental health.


Through Iyengar yoga, you can gain greater awareness of your body, improve your posture and flexibility, build strength, and eventually grow into a stronger, more positive and confident you.

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Our Classes

With care and caution, our teachers guide with clear instructions and demonstrations. Keen observation and adjustments are made in class to ensure students execute the postures safely, and to the best of their abilities.

In both studio class and virtual class, we provide a wide range of Iyengar yoga classes for different needs.

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